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Oh Baby it’s Cold Outside!

Yes siree, it’s a bit nippy here in the Sunshine State today.  We hardy ever get daytime temperatures staying in the low 50’s, but today’s one of those days.  Plus it’s windy.  Real windy.


Cold plus wind equals wind-chill.  (If you’re from the north, you’d probably say it’s “cool”.)   Wind-chill plus riding an airboat equals really chilly. 

This freakish cold is the top story on all of our TV stations.  We Floridians are wimps when it comes to cold.  I have on long underwear, topped with polar fleece.  I’m typing my blog in fingerless gloves.  And I’m INSIDE the office.  Go ahead and laugh!


So obviously the phone isn’t ringing today.  I think even our northern visitors think it’s too cold (cool) to airboat.  I think they may be right!  So Captain Harold and I will spend the day catching up on our “to-do” list.  We’ve been crazy busy through the holidays, so we need to get caught up. 


I’ll be writing new web site copy, and he’ll be getting some routine maintenance done.  What an exciting glimpsed behind the scenes of an airboat business for you!

Happy New Year Ya’ll!

We’d like to wish ya’ll a happy and prosperous New Year.  So many times this year, I’ve been tempted to blog about some of the things that go on behind the scenes in operating an airboat company.  Oh the stories I could tell you…


Perhaps another day.


We’ve met so many interesting people this year.  Funny people.  Happy people.  Grouchy people – no, no, just kidding!  Well maybe they got on the airboat a little cranky, but they got off the airboat feeling very, very happy!


And our repeat customers – it’s always so wonderful to see these folks year after year.


We feel like we’ve made friends around the world.  We’ve had passengers from just about every state in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii.


Our international passengers have visited from the UK, Scotland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, India, the Cayman Islands, Canada, Sweden, Ireland, Spain, Poland, and that’s just a list off the top of my head.  I’m sure I missed someone!

Thank You for the Great Time! Your Airboat Ride Was The Best Part of our Vacation!

I received this nice email today and wanted to share it with you:


We would like to thank you for great time today.  We were your 9:00 appointment on the 24th of December.  This was the best part of our trip this year.  We are still talking about it.  We will see you in 2 years.



Craig and LeAnn Knoblauch and Kids

Port Clinton, PA


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