Discover Florida’s Real Animal AdventureFlorida's Real Animal Adventure

Headwaters of the Florida Everglades

Florida’s Natural Paradise

The Florida swamps and wetlands form one of the largest and most complex ecosystems in North America, supporting an array of wildlife.  At Spirit of the Swamp we embrace the exploration and preservation of Florida’s  natural paradise of swamps, marshes and incredible wildlife. Our desire is to share the beauty of this majestic environment with visitors as well as locals.

We are excited to announce the creation of our new blog. Now we have a place we can offer a you could come to learn more about this magical animal adventure here in Florida and possibly share your experiences with us. You will discover some of the coolest and incredible facts about this incredible fertile and diversity-rich ecosystems. Some of the most captivating natural wonders can be discovered right here in the Florida Swamps.

As we explore these great wonders of the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States, you will come to know one of the most misunderstood and fragile ecosystems in the world. This swampy and marshy landscape is bursting with beautiful native plant species, exotic flowers, and some of the most incredible and endangered wildlife on the planet. Not only do the American alligator and American crocodile coexist here, there are also snakes, bobcats, black bear, manatees, deer, and the elusive Florida panther to name a few.

History of Florida Swamps

The Florida swamp ecosystem historically spread across approximately 4,000 square miles in central and south Florida, stretching southward from the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes to the Florida Bay. This expanse of interconnected wetlands once included the four million-acre “River of Grass” known as the Everglades.  During the past 100 years draining projects and conversion to agricultural lands has reduced the Everglades ecosystem by almost 50 percent.

 Florida Swamps Delicate Ecosystem

As we learn more about this amazing ecosystem we must remember that the Florida swamps are a natural, yet threatened wonderland. The region is home to nearly 70 threatened or endangered animal species. This shallow, slow-moving river provides a critical habitat for hundreds of species of fish, amphibians, birds and invertebrates. The natural plant communities and vegetation of the Florida Swamps remains a vital part of the larger history ecosystem.

 Wildlife in the Florida Swamps

There are so many ways to enjoy exploring the wildlife including hiking, but the one of the most exciting ways to experience the swamps is with an exhilarating airboat tour.

Learn About Florida Swamps and Everglades

Learn all about the Florida Everglades and swamps. Our Florida Swamp Blog is an awesome resource to learn about Florida’s Real Animal Adventure by exploring this truly unique and beautiful place that still contains many mysteries. Discover all the wonders that help to create such a magical place.







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